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The is G.A.T.E.

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

Well let's start from the beginning...kinda

The the name of my company is a acronym for Greatness Achieved Through Experience.

I knew from the beginning I was going to go through a lot of bumps and bruises a long the life. I can't say that I wanted to be a photographer all my life. It's more like something that just came to me. I've always had a passion for music but never wanted to rap or sing. Just wasn't my thing. I used to make beats and I've made songs for fun but never anything serious. It wasn't until I saw behind the scene videos of Bow Wow and Wiz Khalifa. Their camera men would capture their life before in such a raw way that I knew that would be the part I play in the music industry. Sometime during 2010 I linked up with the homie Gutta Tek and that's where I really started to take the video editing for real. That was the first time I was doing videos on a regular basis. They always say the music industry is crazy and I got to see a lot of it.


After a lot of failed attempts at fame and stardom I decided to go back to school. The sole purpose of that was just to be able to say I accomplished something in life. Before that the best thing was a high school diploma from an alternative school. I wasn't out to prove anything to anybody but myself. I had to do something. The sad thing is that after graduation I was still lost. Still finding myself in the photography world.

I fell in love with one type of photography and then after a few months I was on to the next one. I went from food photography, to product, to just shooting buildings downtown. I didn't know when I started taking photos that everyone go through that phase. As of recently I found what brings the most joy. Thats the family photography. Working at JCP Portraits had a lot to do with that. The customers that would come in there just wanted a picture that was memorable. I felt like I could give them that same feel but also so offer more. When I left there I knew I would have my own studio one day.


Going forward those are the two things that I will mixing. On the business side I will be building my brand so that I can offer jobs to photographers and models. While along side offering beautiful pictures to engaged couples going on to get married. Building a relationship with those individuals so when their children graduate from elementary, high school and college my company will be their go to. Then on the music side of things I want to be able to offer artist a platform for their creative spirits to live. Thats where 2upaTv comes into play. To keep it simple it's going to be an Online Network. Just wait on it. I've already spoke it into existence.

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