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I'm Possible

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

It always seem impossible until its done.

There are many challenges for us on a regular basis.

We make plans and set times. Plans change, time flies.

When I started taking photography seriously I didn't even own a camera. They all seem so expensive. I was determined that by any means I would still find a way to get my own. It seemed impossible but that was three cameras and 6 lenses ago. I went back to school in 2013 not knowing how I would be able to afford it. When asked how I was planning on making my payments. My reply was...

"I'm going to pray to God, that he looks out for me"

I graduated three years ago and never made a payment out of my own pocket.

He looked out for me. Back in November of 2017 I decided that I wanted to open a portrait studio similar to the one I worked at. It's was a dream of mine from the first day at work there. I started looking for locations and in the beginning that was like a job. And when I did find some facilities that fit my ideas they were way out of my budget. Never got discourage. Stuck with it.

February 23, 2018 I got the keys to my very own studio. Well at least the space. I went on to renovate it and turn it into my studio.

I write this to say that when it seem impossible it's not. Nothing is impossible. The impossible is possible.


"Remember: Impossible = I'm Possible"

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